The Night Before Christmas

Based on Clement C. Moore’s iconic poem… featuring night caps, reindeer and beards, one Glasgow street waits excitedly for Christmas Day…

The Southside Group project began in January 2020 as weekly live drama workshops particularly aimed at adults with learning disabilities.

The sessions took place at Queens Park Bowling Club, Glasgow and membership was steadily growing when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. With support from Foundation Scotland, they were able to start weekly sessions on Zoom.

Directed and filmed by Peter Clerke & Catherine Gillard
Production, editing, titles and music by Richard Williams
Design by Ali Maclaurin
Rehearsal Support by Katie Stevenson


A story told primarily through a photo-dialogue. Two individuals in lock-down – for whatever reason – in two very different parts of the world, and how their isolation within their own cities brings them into communication with each other, across continents.

Devised by Khursheed Ali in New Delhi and Stewart Ennis in Glasgow
Photography and field recordings by Khursheed Ali and Stewart Ennis
Production, music and titles by Richard Williams

The Peabody Chronicles

A devised work involving 10 learning disabled adults from The Occasion’s ‘Southside Group’ project. Featuring devised initial sequences for a melodramatic feast full of villainy, tragedy and heroic deeds.

Directed and filmed by Peter Clerke & Catherine Gillard
Technical Consultant David O’Neill
Production, editing, titles, sound design and music by Richard Williams


Isolated in a surreal, absurdist world a couple who used to ‘swing’ are, somehow, unable to ‘swing’ any more. Questions are raised but the answers just raise more questions.

Written by Pete Livingstone
Performed by Peter Clerke & Catherine Gillard
Directed by Peter Clerke, Catherine Gillard & Richard Williams
Filming, sound recording, editing and titles by Richard Williams

Book & Shrub

Two shops rolled into one and run by two sisters-in-law. Apart from a few skeletons in the cellar the business has been successful enough. But now, in these troubled times, the sisters-in-law are forced to apply for a Government grant. Meanwhile, outside, a riotous apocalypse is brewing…

Written by Michael Duke
Performed by Claire Lamont & Catherine Gillard
Directed by Peter Clerke
Filming, sound recording, editing, music and titles by Richard Williams

The Same Routine

Devised by Petre Dobre, a newly emerging Deaf performer based in Glasgow. Petre graduated from the RCS, Glasgow in 2018 with a BA in BSL & English Performance. A short, non-verbal exploration of routine, our need for it and the consequences that ensue when it unexpectedly goes wrong.

Written, filmed and performed by Petre Dobre
Directed by Peter Clerke & Catherine Gillard
Additional filming by Alice Muir
BSL Interpreter Karen Forbes
Sound design and titles by Richard Williams