The Occasion Theatre / The Southside Group - The Splitting of Latham

The Splitting Of Latham

Working with the Glasgow-based playwright, Michael Duke, The Occasion’s Southside Group are now developing a new production, The Splitting of Latham.

Located in late 1930’s Glasgow, at the time of the British Commonwealth Exhibition in Bellahouston Park, the production will further develop the comedic melodrama for which The Southside Group has become known.

As an experiment in personal betterment goes disastrously wrong, a scientist’s individual traits (anger, jealousy, naivety, frivolity and others) are separated from their host.

Embodied as their own unique entities. these many different facets assume their own lives and are scattered across the city, to chaotic effect.

This innovative new work will receive two work-in-progress performances, at the company’s Queen’s Park rehearsal base, in July 2024. These performances are designed, as an initial step, towards providing a platform for full production at a major Glasgow venue in Spring 2025.

All tracks written, performed, and recorded by Richard Williams

The Occasion Theatre / The Southside Group - Another Nice Mess

Another Nice Mess

June 1947… the widely-anticipated return of Stan Laurel – one time resident of Glasgow’s Southside – with his partner, Oliver Hardy, for a run at The Glasgow Empire. 

Also, June 1947… The Laurel & Hardy Club (Battlefield branch) are threatened with eviction from their beloved, bomb-damaged cinema. The Lords Bannatyne have plans to turn it into a ‘motor vehicle tenement parking’ facility.

Will the L&H Club members succeed in thwarting the Bannatyne’s dastardly plans? Will they finally get to meet their heroes? Will Detective Inspector Michael ‘Mick’ McMichael, Bootleg Billy, Pickpocket Pam and a host of other desperadoes save the day?

With all the eccentricity and rebelliousness of a 1940s Ealing comedy, with just a dash of melodrama, this isn’t just any old show. This is a Southside Group show.

Performed at Tramway, Glasgow, June 29th to July 1st 2023.

“A strikingly well-made show that succeeds in transporting us not only to the Glasgow of 75 years ago, but also into a world of joyful ensemble work that lifts the heart, and inspires as much as it entertains.”
– Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

Supported by Creative Scotland, The Hugh Fraser Foundation and Glasgow Life.

All tracks written, performed, and recorded by Richard Williams

The Southside Group's Christmas Tales

The Southside Group’s Christmas Tales

From Dickens to Dr. Seuss, via Oscar Wilde and Hans Christian Andersen – plus a few other unexpected stops in-between – The Southside Group present an early festive journey through some of the best loved, classic Christmas tales.

The Southside Group performed their Christmas Tales on Friday November 24th, 2023 at Queen’s Park Govanhill Church, alongside a very Southside-centric tour of local libraries including Govanhill Library, Langside Library, Pollokshields Library and the Couper Institute Library.

What better places to celebrate the books and stories that so many of our best-loved Christmas entertainments originate from?

Supported by Glasgow Life and the Glasgow Community Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund.

All tracks written, performed, and recorded by Richard Williams

The Occasion Theatre / The Southside Group - The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is a classic tale that is both timeless and ageless. With its own peculiar blend of darkness and comedy, magic and mystery, small detail and vast, epic landscapes it remains one of the great feats of storytelling.

The richness of incidence along the way of Gerda’s journey, the characters that she meets – some comical, some threatening, some helpful, others obstructive – is what makes the story so compelling. And, through it all, Andersen cleverly weaves a tale of friendship and adolescence as values change and the protagonists grow up.

Performed over two nights in early December, 2022, The Snow Queen was the first live, public performance from The Southside Group.

Supported by the Arnold Clarke Community Fund and Glasgow Credit Union.

“This is a group, as in any ensemble, of diverse talents and abilities, and were The QR interested in handing out stars for effort, this would warrant a solid 5. However, this is a cast aiming at making objectively good theatre, bringing their hearts and minds to offer a unique perspective on the story. With more experience as a live cast, they can surely aim higher still. Directors Clerke and Catherine Gillard are to be congratulated for enabling such a terrific showing from The Southside Group.”
– The Quinntessential Review

All tracks written, performed, and recorded by Richard Williams

Richard Williams - The Monster & Mary Shelley

The Monster & Mary Shelley

An atmospheric, moving, and at times darkly comic exploration of ‘fear’. Incorporating elements of music hall, melodrama, horror and teenage rebellion with a pulsing, contemporary cinematic score, The Monster… explores the life of Mary Shelley – the Gothic Girl who electrified the world.

The Monster and Mary Shelley was originally produced in 2018 on the 200th anniversary of the original publication of Frankenstein. The Monster and Mary Shelley opened at The Tron Theatre, Glasgow on April 20th before going on to tour for three weeks, throughout Scotland.

In 2019, The Occasion Theatre Co completed a further tour of this highly acclaimed production with support from Arts Council England. The production played a series of dates in England in the Autumn, from the Lake District to Winchester, and prior to this there were five Scottish performances, from Inverness in the north to Dumfries in the south.

Supported by Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.

For more information on The Monster & Mary Shelley, please click here.

All tracks written, performed, and recorded by Richard Williams

  • As well as writing and recording the music, I also toured with The Monster & Mary Shelley on both the 2018 Scottish and the 2019 UK tours. As Assistant Technician I spent many long hours setting up and taking down the set and lighting, plus I also was in charge of the live sound production for each performance (120 sound cues in just over an hour) and also performed live spoken-word vocal work during the show.

“Richard Williams’ sound design moves from brooding electronic sweeps to punky drone. All of which makes for a vivid cut-up of psychological light and shade that gets to the dark heart of the creative urge within.” – Neil Cooper, The Herald

Richard Williams - This Fire

This Fire

Working with an exciting selection of national and international artists, This Fire explores themes of isolation, communication and inevitably, mis-communication; tales of trauma, unease and joy in these strange and altered days.

The project culminated in the production of five short, digitally produced works that feature theatre, dance, movement, photography and music. All the works have the potential to be developed into full-length live performances in the future.

All the This Fire projects were developed during August, September & October 2020 with each of the short (5-10 minute) research and development films being released throughout October. To watch the This Fire films, please head to the Video Production page.

Supported by Creative Scotland and Foundation Scotland

For more information on This Fire, please click here.

All tracks written, performed, and recorded by Richard Williams

Richard Williams - The Southside Group

The Southside Group

The Southside Group project began in January 2020 as weekly live drama workshops particularly aimed at adults with learning disabilities.

The sessions took place at Queens Park Bowling Club, Glasgow and membership was steadily growing when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Workshops were sadly cancelled as lockdown began. With support from Foundation Scotland, they were able to start weekly sessions on Zoom.

The Southside Group have now produced two short films; The Peabody Chronicles and The Night Before Christmas. To view these movies, please head to the Video Production page.

Supported by Foundation Scotland and Glasgow Life.

For more information on The Southside Group, please click here.

All tracks written, performed, and recorded by Richard Williams

Richard Williams - You Are Here!

You Are Here

An exciting new family show that perfectly combines live theatre with an immersive 360˚ full dome planetarium experience. Join the hosts of Wow Tours on an out-of-this-world adventure as they attempt to put everything in its place – in our Solar System, the Universe and beyond!

Equipped only with umbrellas and a mysterious A-Z guidebook of the Galaxy, WOW Tours embark on a magical journey. With help from the audience they uncover where The Professor has gone and in doing so, discover “the most incredible, remarkable, mind-blowing thing in the universe!”

You Are Here toured in 2019, playing at planetariums in Winchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leicester and Birmingham.

Supported by Winchester Science Centre and PlanetariumArts Council England, Airbus and The National Space Centre.

For more information on You Are Here, please click here.

All tracks written, performed, and recorded by Richard Williams

Richard Williams - Gracie


Gracie are myself on guitar and Sara Fawcitt on vocals. We first starting writing music together about a decade ago, and since then have played lots of shows across the south and hopefully we’ll play more in the future.

To hear more Gracie you can head here.

All tracks written and performed by Richard Williams & Sara Fawcitt

Richard Williams

Voice work

For several years I lived in Salobreña, a small town on the south coast of Spain. While I was there I got pretty involved in what was going on, and ended recording (along with my friend Helen McCormack) the English language version of the town’s audio guide.

Here are a couple of examples:

To hear the whole thing (23 episodes) please click here.
For more general information about Salobreña (in English) please click here.

Since June 2020 I’ve been recording and releasing a podcast called Don’t Ask Me, where myself and Winchester legend Oliver Gray talk about all sorts of thing.

Here’s Episode 1:

For more information on Don’t Ask Me and the other audio I’ve been putting out, please head to the Podcasting page. Thanks.