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DC10 Tonight

When the first lockdown of 2020 came around it seemed as good a time as any to start a podcast network. I’d wanted to do a podcast for quite some time and also wanted to build a home for it, so I built the DC10 Tonight network.

DC10 Tonight can best be described as a small scale, independent podcasting network. I’m aiming to do all the traditional podcasting things (people talking to each other about random subjects etc) – but also feature one-off talks, field recordings and any other slices of audio that deserve to be out there.

You can find the DC10 Tonight website by clicking here, or find it on all the normal social media channels.

Below you’ll find details of what’s currently available. All the content was produced and edited by myself, hosted by Transistor FM, and available via Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Overcast and all the other standard podcast places.

Don’t Ask Me

Oliver Gray and Richard Williams are sent to their rooms to have a good think about what they’ve done.

With numerous references to accidental drinking, missed opportunities and Birgit’s potato salad, this cautionary tale is the story behind the stories – the perfect audio companion to Oliver’s never-ending series of books about things that people don’t usually write books about.

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The debut novel – written and read by Oliver Gray.

When American roots musician Corey Zander sets out on his first UK tour, things start badly and rapidly get worse. Not even his drug-strewn rock and roll past could prepare him for the violence of his reception in provincial England.

Oliver Gray’s first foray into fiction places love, crime and travel in an authentic context of rock history.

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An irregular and unedited series of talks, lectures and fly on the wall chit-chat from the off-stage world of the creative industries.

The Occasion, a Glasgow based theatre company, toured Scotland in Spring 2018 with their show ‘The Monster and Mary Shelley’, ending up at Lyth Arts Centre, the UK’s most northerly mainland arts centre. Post-show, director, Peter Clerke, writer, Stewart Ennis and performer, Catherine Gillard discussed the production with Lyth’s co-Artistic Directors, Tom Barnes and Charlotte Mountford and various audience members.

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